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How to Sell If you want to sell your work online, log in to the site.

We encourage you to contact our specialists, who will explain you how to use the service.

Expose your amazing work!

List your unique works for sale! Our experienced art curators will take care of them to place them int the right surroundings and the right context. We will find the best layout for your works.
We will breathe life into your art!

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It will take only a few seconds with only a minimum of formalities.
We guarantee full protection of your personal data.
Seller's panel gives you convenient access to your auctions. You can see the entire status of your works listed on our website and you can manage them the way you want. It is intuitive, with ergonomic management and rich customization options.
Remember! if you want to list your work for sale, you have to complete the basic data in your panel, My profile tab.

Start Selling!

In Seller's Panel in Sell an item tab, you can find an application form. Decide on your item's specifications and the starting bid.
You decide about the minimum price which will be the starting bid! You can also sell your works without bidding, deciding on Buy It Now amount or you can add this option to bidding. If your Client decides to take advantage of this possibility, bidding will be stopped.
You will be informed that your work is accepted to an auction in 24 hours. At the same time, you will find information about the auction start in your Panel. Remember to complete all the fields while adding your auctions.
You do not have to watch your auctions all the time. If you only want to, Art-e-matic can inform you automatically about every new bid, about sale or about closing an auction.

Complete your transaction!

When your auction is succesful, it is time to prepare your work and send it to our address. We will inform you when it should be sent. We want to take care of safety and satisfaction of the both parties so the items we get are always packed professionally and they are insured.
You will receive your money, minus your auction charge, in 24 days after your work is delivered to the Buyer. Our commission is the lowest one on the market and it is only 15%.
You can contact us by email or phone at any time of our cooperation. We will be pleased to discuss any detail or any doubt you can have.