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For a Seller

Who can list an item for sale on ART-E-MATIC?

We invite all the talented Artists, as well as Graduates and Students of art schools. Our offer is addressed both to those who are just starting their carrier in the artistic world, and to professional Artists. We are also open to start cooperation with private art galleries and collectors.

When do I get money for the work I have sold?

You will receive money for your works sold to your bank account within 14 days after the items are delivered to a Client.

How much time do I have to send my work?

After ART-E-MATICreceives payment for the work, the artist should send it to the address specified below within 7 days:

Brainbow Sp. z o.o.
ul. Petrażyckiego 30
30-399 Kraków

In exceptional cases, when an Artist is waiting for his/her work to be delivered to him/her, he/she is required to contact us.

Can I list my works for sale on other auction platforms?

An Artist is free to list his/her works for sale in any other art galleries or auction houses. It is not possible to list the same item for sale on ART-E-MATIC and in other auction houses.

For The Buyer

Can I get a VAT invoice?

VAT invoices are issued by Sellers. If the Seller marked this option, the Client is informed about it in the Order Form and can receive a VAT invoice.

What are the charges?

A Client is not additionally charged with any fees in relation to using ART-E-MATIC . The price for a specific work does not include the shipment price which is provided on the auction site and which must be added to the hammer price. If the work is to be sent abroad, an exact shipment cost is specified individually and it depends on the destination and package size.

Can I see the work personally before buying it?

It depends on an individual decision of a Seller. You should email us in order to see if there is such a possibility in case of the work you are interested in.

Can I return an item I have bought?

Yes, the Clients of ART-E-MATIC have 14 days to return an item they bought after it was delivered. When the Artist confirms that he/she has received the work undamaged, the Client receives the money back to his/her bank account.

What happens if the work I have bought is not as described or it is damaged?

The Client is obliged to check the shipment condition with a courier. If there is inconsistency between the work and its description or the work is damaged, the Client should immediately submit a complain at email address reklamacja@artematic.pl

Order and shipping

Is the package insured?

All the items sent by ART-E-MATIC are insured up to the amount which is equal to their value.

How can I pay for an item?

You should pay for the item you have bought by bank transfer to the account indicated by ART-E-MATIC

What is the delivery time?

The process related to delivery starts immediately after the payment for an item is received. The delivery takes no more than 10 days.

What should I do after I click “Buy It Now”?

Ordering an item with Buy It Now option means you are adding it to your Shopping Basket. In order to complete the transaction, you should send an Order Form using your Shopping Basket and make the payment within 5 days.

Can buyers and sellers contact each other?

ART-E-MATIC works as an agency between Sellers and Buyers. Both parties do not contact each other in a direct way and they do not see their contact data, unless they decide otherwise.

Can I buy and sell at the same time?

Yes. If you want to sell and buy other artists’ works you should register twice: as a seller and as a buyer.